"A Village Doctor" Paragraph or short Essay

A Village Doctor
Introduction : A village doctor is a useful member in the village. He plays an important role in village life. In every village there are doctors. But most of them are not highly qualified, that does not matter much. He is competent to deal with the common diseases of the villagers.
His dispensary : The dispensary of a village doctor is not rich. It consists of one or two almirahs with small stores of medicine. He has a chair and a table for his own use and a bench for the patients. He has no compounder to help him.
His daily life : He starts working just early in the morning. The patients come to his house early in the morning.
He prescribes medicine for the waiting patients and he himself gives them medicine. After that he goes out to visit the houses where he is called. His fees are nominal. He generally does not take fees from the poor patients.
His services : He takes a great care of his patients. Sometimes he keeps sitting for hours together by the side of his patient. His main object is to cure them.
Conclusion : A village doctor is friend to the villagers. He is not qualified but essential. He does much good to the society. We should pay due respect to him as we depend much on his help.

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