"Our Madrasah" paragraph or short composition

Our Madrasah
Situation : The name of our Madrasah is Mohabbatpur M.U Dakhil Madrasah. It stands on the junction of some roads connecting different parts of the locality. So the students can attend the Madrasah without any difficulty.
Description : Our Madrasah is housed in a big building. There are fifteen rooms in it. One room is meant for the Superintendent another for the teacher’s room. There is a student’s common room where indoor games are played. It has a big library too.
Nearly five hundred students read in this madrasah. The class rooms are spacious and have all the required furniture. It has also a good play ground.
Teaching Staff : There are twenty teachers in our madrasah. The superintendent is an experienced and learned man. Other teachers are also learned and experienced. They love us and teach us efficiently. We all obey them.
Time- Table : The madras works from 10-30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Classes are held regularly. We get half an hour’s recess after the fourth period. We than have our Tiffin.
Conclusion : Our madrasah makes brilliant results every year. We are proud of our teachers and of the Madrasah as a whole.


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  2. How to my Madrasah Name Noakhali Islamia Kamil Madrasah
    Roll No :02
    How to Future and I'am Going to Dhaka Bangladesh is Tamirul Millat Kamil Madrasah
    Admission Transfer

  3. How to madhrasa name madhrasa tus sahaba paragraph


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