"Your village/ My native village" Paragraph or Short Composition

Your village/ My native village
Name and situation : The name of our village is Mohaluxmipara. It is in the district of Comilla. It is a nice village. A high road connects the village with Comilla, the district town. All around the village there are agricultural fields.
People and their occupations :  About three thousand people live here. They are mostly Muslims. There are some Hindus in the village. Most of the people are poor. Agriculture is the main occupation of the villagers. There are some weavers and carpenters who are skilled in their trades.
It’s climate and it’s crops : The climate of the village is so excited. Because, its climate neither hot not cold. The seasonally rain makes the lands fertile in this village. As a result, the farmers its grows many crops happily. They grow rice, jute, sugarcane and some other vegetables mainly.
It’s communication : A high road connects the village with Comilla, the district town, Buses, motor, tampoos and rickshaws ply along the road all the year round. Heavy load are taken to and from the town by truck or bus.
Market, Educational and others institution : There is a small market in the middle of the village. The Hat sits in it twice a week. There are a few permanent shops in the market. People buy their necessary articles from these shops. Milk, Fish and vegetables are cheap here. There is an Ibtadayee and a Dakhil Madrasah in the village. There are some tube- wells which supply the people with pure drinking water.
An adult education centre has been started to educate the illiterate people. It is heartening to note that the people are going in for rural co-operative societies and modern method of agriculture to improve their lot.
Conclusion : The village people live in peace and happiness. It is an ideal village. So, I like my village very much.

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