"Floods of Bangladesh" Paragraph or Short Composition

Floods of Bangladesh
Introduction : Bangladesh is a land of rivers. Most of her lands are low-lying. As a result she is often visited by floods. Sometimes there are floods for some days and even for months.
Causes : The main reason of causing floods is heavy rainfall. The water of the heavy rainfall gives rise to over flow of the rivers and rushes away both the sides. Earthquakes often cause floods. Heavy rush of water from the mountains also causes floods. In Bangladesh floods are caused due to heavy rains.
Damages : Floods cause great havoc. They wash away houses, cattle, crops and uproot trees. People become homeless. They suffer much. Their normal life is disturbed. They remain without food for days together. The after – effects of floods are more serious. People do not get pure drinking water. Famine breaks out. Many die – for want of food. Many fatal diseases like cholera, dysentery, diarrhea etc break out. The sufferings of people know no bound.
Usefulness : Floods do us some good. The flood water brings much silt and makes our land alluvial and fertile.
Flood control :  As floods visit us every year we must try to stop floods. River- beds should be deepened to make the regular flow of water. Embankments should be made.
Conclusion : To help flood victims relief should promptly gives. We should be up and doing to control flood. 


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