"The season I / You like best" or "The spring" Paragraph

The season I / You like best
The spring
Introduction : Bangladesh has six seasons. They are summer, rains, autumn, late autumn, winter and spring. Every season has its peculiarities. Of all the seasons I like the spring.
Reason of my choice : The reason of my choice is not far to seek. Spring is the symbol of youth and life. It comes with the message of joy, hope and happiness. That is why I like this season most.
Nature assumes new look : Spring comes after winter. Nature assumes new look with the advent of spring. The sky is clear and cloudless. Wind begins to blow from the south. It refreshes the body and mind. Trees and plants are decorated with new flowers and new leaves.
A season of flowers and merriment :  Spring is the season of flowers. Every garden becomes full of flowers of various colors. The weather is neither hot nor cold. It is really very pleasant to go out in the morning and in the evening. The cuckoo sings sweet songs. Butterflies fly merrily and the bees gather honey from flower to flower. The mango trees also blossoms in the spring. Vegetables grow in abundance. The sky is blue and bright. Jatras, village fairs, kabigans, etc are held mostly in this season. There is joy and happiness everywhere.
Conclusion : Spring is called the king of seasons. I think it has been rightly called. Because, nature regains a new life in this season. The whole country side looks fresh and beautiful.

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