"The Rainy season in Bangladesh" Paragraph

The Rainy season in Bangladesh
Introduction : The Rainy season is the second season of our country. It comes after the summer. The months of Ashar and Sraban are regarded as the Rainy season. It is caused by monsoon. It is the most important season to us.
Description : During the season the sky often remains cloudy. It often rains. Sometimes it rains cats and dogs. Rivers, canals, ponds become full to the brim. Many village roads under the water. People go from one place to another by boat.
Advantages : The Rainy season is the gift of nature. Crops, plants and trees grow up with the advent of rains. Main crops of our country rice and jute grow in this season. Various juicy fruits, such as jack – fruits, mangoes, bananas, pineapples, black berries and guavas ripen at this time. The rain water washes away the impurities and makes the country free from diseases.
Disadvantages : This season has its disadvantages too. Sometimes heavy rains cause floods. Floods destroy crops, wash away houses, cattle and other things, various diseases break out. Snakes are found here and there. Normal works often remain suspended. Mosquitoes breed very quickly and make life disgusting.
Conclusion : Whatever may be the rainy season is very sensitive to us. It does well to us in many ways as it is responsive.

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