"A village Market" Paragraph or Short Composition

A village Market
Introduction : A village market is an important place for the villagers. We find a village market in almost every village of Bangladesh.
Where does it sit : It generally sits at the junction of roads under a big banyan tree or the bank of a canal or a river? Villagers sell and buy their daily necessary goods.
How many days it sits : It sits in the afternoon and breaks at night fall. It generally sits twice a week.
Various parts : A village market has various parts. But it has mainly two parts- permanent shops and temporary shops. In the permanent shops people buy clothes, medicine, paper, rice, etc. From the temporary shops people buy vegetables, milk and fish. The fish market is the most crowded of all. It is the noisiest too. The betel leaf seller sits in a corner under the shed. He is a busy seller.
Importance : A village market plays an important role in the life of the villagers. It is their meeting place. They meet their friends and relatives. They discuss village politics and settle disputes. The village postman finds it a unique place to deliver letters, money orders etc.
Special feature : Nothing is sold at a fixed price. There are haggling and bargaining among the buyers and sellers over the price of commodities.
Conclusion : It saves the village people from the trouble of going to the distant town to buy and selling of daily needs. A village market should be carefully planned.

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