"A Memorable Day / my First day at school" Paragraph

A Memorable Day
Introduction : Everyone has memorable day in life. I have a memorable day in my life. I still remember the day. My first day at School is the memorable day.
Preparation for the day : I was not at all happy in the morning of that day. My mother dressed me. She brushed my hair. My father took me to the school nearest to our house.
Interview with the Superintendent : My interview with the Superintendent was not pleasant to me. My father sought his permission and entered the room. My heart was then beating fast. The Superintendent looked at me. He smiled and asked my name. I replied silently. He then asked me a few questions. I answered them well. I was admitted to class III.
In the class : The daftari took me to the class. I found myself all alone there. Many boys of my age were there. They were all strangers to me. A teacher was teaching English. He asked me a question. I, out of fear, made a stammering reply, that made everybody laugh. During recess other boys played but I simply looked on. I was thinking of my home.
Conclusion : The school broke up. I ran home. My mother was waiting for me. I ran into her arms.

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