Easy English Paragraph on " Obedience to Parents Or, Duty to parents"

Obedience to Parents
Or  Duty to parents

Introduction : Obediecne to parents is a noble virtue. Every religion on the world advises us to obey parents and follow them. He who does not obey his parents commits a great sin. So he lives and dies unhappy.
Parent’s contribution of our life : Parents are over watchful about the welfare of their children. They take great care of their children in infancy. They give food, clothes and try to make them happy. When they are sick their anxieties know no bounds. They make the best sacrifices for their children. So it is the chancy of the children to obey and love their parents.
Our duty to parents : It is said,” To please parents is to please Allah”. So we must love and respect our parents. We should be polite and gentle to them. We must help them as much as we can and we must not neglect them. We should look after them in their old age. It should be our duty to please them.
Teaching from great man : All great men of the world were good sons. Heart Abdul Quader Jilani (R), Viddya Sagar, Washington and Nepoleon were good sons and they all followed their parents.
Conclusion : Parents are our best guiders. They are our best well- wishers. We must love and respect them. Obedience to parents leads to success in life. If we learn to obey and respect our parents on earth. We can earn to love Allah.

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