"Value of Time" Paragraph or short Essay

Value of Time
Introduction : It is true that time and tide waits for none. Time once gone is gone forever. Man’s life is short. He has to do a lot of things. So by making the right use of time, he can be successful in life.
Value of time : Time is more precious than wealth. The loss of money can be regained by hard work. The loss of knowledge can be acquired by study, and the loss of health can be recovered by taking medicine and good food. But the loss of time can never be got back. Value of time reminds us of our duties.
Its Importance : In this world our life is full of work. We ought to do them properly and systematically. If we do not make the best use of time, it is not possible for us to complete all the works.
Active persons know its value : Active persons properly utilize their time. They divide their time and work accordingly. They never feel they want of time. But idle men sit idly instead of trying to do any useful work. So they live in misery and die in misery.
If we go through the lives of great men we know that they properly utilized their time. Even some lower animals are active. Ants, bees and other animals are active. They work for themselves.
Conclusion : Human life is made up of moments. If we neglect the moments, we neglect the whole life. So we should make the best use of time.

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