"A Journey by Train" Paragraph or short composition

A Journey by Train
Introduction : A trip which is made by train is called a journey by train. It is very pleasant. It saves our time to reach our destination.
Occasion of the journey : During the last Ramzan holiday, my uncle invited me to pay a visit to his residence at Ashugonj in the district of B.Baria. My parents permitted me to go there. On the fifteenth Ramzan I was ready to start for there.
Beginning of the journey : At about 9 am. I reached the Kamalapur station. The station was full of passengers. I booked a ticket and got into the first class compartment which was almost packed up with passengers. I got a seat by the window. At 9.30 a.m the train steamed off the station. At first, train moved on slowly. But after a few minutes it began moving at a great speed. It was an express train.
Sights of the way : As the train took a speed. Everything seemed to move in the opposite direction. Cool breeze was refreshing the passengers. I looked outside. I saw green fields, forests, bushes, canals, bridges, cattle’s, men, houses etc. They came to my view and vanished in the twinkle of an eye. They looked like the photos of a film. All these things were beautiful and joyful. The train passed station after station. I could not exactly remember when I fell asleep. Then I woke up and took tea.
Destination : The train reached Ashugonj at 11.30 a.m. I found my uncle waiting for me. He received me very affectionately. We went to my uncle’s residence by rickshaw.
Conclusion : Everybody should enjoy the train journey if he finds time. It is thrilling and enjoyable. It gives us a clear picture of the land and its natural beauty around us.

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