"A Journey by Boat" Paragraph or Short Composition

A Journey by Boat
Introduction : It was the rainy season. Canals, streams and rivers were full to the brim. Some of my friends and I planned to go to my friends house by boat.
Starting : One fine morning we had our breakfast and got on the boat. There were one rower and one helmsman. Both the current and the wind were favorable. The boat moved on through a canal for about an hour when it passed into the large river. The boat man set sail and with a jerking the boat began to speed on just like a galloping horse.
Scenes of the river : The boatman was chatting as they were smoking joyfully. I enjoyed the scenery on either bank of the river. Hundreds of boats were sailing on. As the sails were of different colors, they presented a nice view. At regular intervals, there were bathing ghatswhere men, women and children were bathing. At some of them, women were cleaning utensils or washing clothes or drawing water with pitches in their arms. The cattle were grazing at large by river side. The cowboys were singing merry songs sitting in the shades of trees.
Stopping : On the way we found a large market. We ordered the boatman to stop there. We went to a sweetmeats shop and ate sweets to our heart’s content. We came back to the boat when it started again.
Evening Scene : The sun went down. Then western sky turned red because of the crimson rays of the setting sun. The water of the river also turned red as the western sky reflected on it. Our hearts leaped up with great joy.
End : Slowly and gradually darkness came down upon the face of the earth. We reached our destination at about 8.30 P.M. It was a pleasant journey indeed.
Conclusion : Everybody should mainly students of all categories, enjoy journey by boat it time allows.

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