"My or Your Childhood Days" Paragraph or short composition

My/ Your Childhood Days
Introduction : It is really a thing of joy to call up childhood days. The sweet recollection of these days makes me happy when I am in pensive mood.
Friends in my childhood : I was born in a village. It was a very big village. The whole village was my playground. I wandered through the village and played about with my friends. The summer days were the happiest days to us. We plucked mangoes and ate them. We bathed in the river in a body and made fun. In the afternoon we played in the village field different games. Sometimes we quarreled but soon we become friends.
The village Madrasah : I was sent to the village Madrasah. But it had no attraction for me. When it was midday, I had been feeling a prisoner there. I longed for returning home and wished to roam in the village with my friends.
The village market : The village market is a place of great delight for me. In a week , there are two market days. On those days I used to go with my father and pass a happy time there. My father would often buy me sweets.
Conclusion : How happy I was in my childhood days! I cannot forget my friends and the sweet memories of those days.

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