"A Journey by Bus" Paragraph or Short Composition

A Journey by Bus
Introduction : A trip which is made by bus is called a journey by bus. It is very interesting.
Beginning of the journey : In 1995, Our madrasah was closed for winter vacation. I wanted to pay a visit my uncle’s residence in Dhaka. I booked a ticket. I reached Gopalgonj Bus stand at 6.30 a.m. I got into the Doel paribahan. The bus started for Dhaka. It ran away speedily to cover the time lost.
Inside the Compartment : The bus was packer beyond capacity. Luckily I could manage to sit by the window. Some passengers were talking, some were reading newspapers, some were sleeping and some were looking outside.
Description of the journey and sight of the way : The passengers had their breakfast at Taker hat. At 10-30a.m. we reached Faridpur. When I looked through the window, the standing villages seemed to be running towards the opposite direction of the bus. Green fields, forests, bushes, canals and bridges came to my sight for moment and vanished soon. The beautiful scene pleasant me much.
Destination : At 2-30p.m. the bus reached Gulistan and I got down. One of my cousins was waiting for me at the bus terminal. He greeted me. I got on a rickshaw with him and reached my destination.
Conclusion : Though a journey by bus is tedious and dangerous. It is thrilling and interesting.

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