"Rivers of Bangladesh" Paragraph or Short Composition

Rivers of Bangladesh
Introduction : Bangladesh is a land of rivers. Some rivers are big and some are small. The Padma, The Meghna and The Jamuna are our big rivers. Big rivers flow all the year round. Rivers help us in many ways.
For agriculture : We need irrigation during winter. So we use rivers for irrigation. They help our agriculture develop. The rivers carry silt with water in rainy season. The silt makes the soil alluvial. Alluvial soil helps the growth of paddy, jute and other crops.
For energy : Some of our rivers have strong current. They are used to produce electricity. Most of the rivers of north east regions are suitable to do this kind of job. We have a hydro- electric project at Kaptai to produce electricity.
For transport : Our rivers are useful for transport too. Steamers, launches, country- boats are used to carry men, women, children and goods from –one place to another through the rivers.
For food : Rivers provide us with food. The water of the rivers is not very hot or cold. So these rivers are suitable for the breeding of fishes, birds and aquatic plants. They are rich in food value. Our fisherman catches fish from the rivers. They sell them in the market and live by fishing.
Conclusion : Our Rivers are useful to us in many ways. They are used for cultivation, source of energy, transport and source of different foods.

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