"Fruits of Bangladesh" Paragraph or Short composition

Fruits of Bangladesh
Introduction  :  Bangladesh is rich in fruits. She produces various kinds of fruits all the year round. Every season has its special fruits.
Fruits of Bangladesh  :  We have lots of fruits of various kinds. We shall discuss some major fruits here:
(i)                 Mangoes : The mango is the king of fruits. It grows all over the country. But mangoes of Rajshahi and Dinajpur are the best. They are famous for their sweetness and flavor.
(ii)               Jack – fruits : The jack-fruits are called ‘Kathal’. It is giant among fruits. It has many juicy cells inside. It is delicious but hard to digest. The seeds inside the cells are used for making curry. It is our national fruit.
(iii)             Pineapples : A large quantities of pineapple are found during the rainy season. It is juicy and tasteful. The best kind of it is grown in Sylhet.
(iv)             Coconuts : The coconut is a common fruit of our country. The water inside it is refreshing. The kemel inside is nutritious food.
(v)               Bananas : The banana is a common fruit and it is available throughout the year. It has different varieties of which the ‘Sabri’ is the best.
(vi)             Oranges :  The orange is sweet and tasteful. It is a fruit of winter.
(vii)           Some other fruits : The papaya, the lichis, black berries, guava, melons, the tamarind, the kamranga are some of our common fruits.
Usefulness : Fruits are used a food. It is a very tasteful and health giving.  We can earn foreign exchange by exporting them in a large scale.
Conclusion : We should grow more fruits.

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