" Flower Of Bangladesh" paragraph or short composition

Flowers of Bangladesh

Introduction  :  Flowers are the most beautiful creation of Allah. Everyone loves flowers. Bangladesh is always rich in flowers. Different seasons have different kinds of flowers.
Kinds  :  We have many kinds of flowers. Some of them have sweet smell and others have no smell. Some are cultivated in the garden while others are wild.
Flowers in different seasons of Bangladesh  :  Flowers bloom in plenty in the spring season. The rose in the queen of flowers. It has many colors. It grows almost throughout the year. The Jab blooms all the year round. During the Spring, Baku., Palash , Krishnachura, Shimul , Malati, etc are in bloom.
In Autumn and Winter we have flowers like Genda, Bely, Jui, Kamini, Madhabilata,Kadamba, Kabari and Surjamukhi. During Rainy season we have Hasnahena, Dolon- Champa, Keya, Kathali Champ and Shapla. Shapla is our national flower. The lotus and the water lilies grow in winter. Tagor, Dalia, Shewli are also popular flowers. They have sweet smell. The Comos and the Dalia add to the beauty of our garden. Wild flowers bloom by themselves. They add to the beauty of our country.
Usefulness  :  We use flowers in various ways. We wreathe garlands and decorate our houses with flowers on some occasions.’ Atar’ is made from the petals of flowers.
Conclusion  :  We are lucky to have different flowers in our country. The flower is a gift of Gods.

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