"Population Problem in Bangladesh" Paragraph or Short Composition

Population Problem in Bangladesh
Introduction : We have a number of problems. The population problem is one of them. Some say, it is the number one problem. Really the rate at which our population increasing is alarming.
Causes of the problem : Many are the causes of this increase. Due to the invention of much life saving medicines the death rate has gone down appreciably and the birth rate has gone up. Another cause is that most of our people are illiterate. They do not believe in family planning.
Effects of this problem : The production of food cannot cope with the growth of population. So, there is acute scarcity of food in the growth of country. The economic resources of our country are quite insufficient to meet the demand of such a large population. So, our standard of living is much lower in comparison to the other nations of the world.
How to solve the problem : There are three ways to solve the problem. Firstly, the people should be given the idea of family planning. They should be taught that a small family is a happy family. Secondly measures should be taken to grow more food and more employment opportunities. Lastly the system of early marriage should be stopped.
Conclusion : Our government has been trying to solve the population problem. We should co-operate with the government.

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