"Hason Raja" Paragraph

Hason Raza

Hason Raja was born in sylhet in  a rich family. He had a little formal education. In his youth he used to lead a luxurious life. A time came when a change came over him. He found all he is comfort, pleasure and wealth meaningless. He gave away all his wealth and property. He started to think deeply about the creator, about life and death and mankind. Hason Raja wrote a lot of songs . Some day about a thousand in number. His book called "Hason Udash" was published in 1906. The book had 26 songs in it. In his songs Hason called himself 'crezy Hason Raza' or the 'Pagla Hason Raza.. A volume called 'Hason Raza Samagra' (Complete Works of Hason Raza) was also published. The book contained 500 poems and songs. Some of the songs were always popular in sylhet. But very soon they spread all over Bangladesh and beyond. In India's West Bengal. Some eminent folk singers made Hason's songs popular.


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  2. Hason raja ke niye lekha paragraph, kintu hason raja er birth date lekha nei?

  3. Onek vol ache. Hason udash boye 206 songs ache.crazy ke likche crezy.raja ke likche raza.aro onek


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