"My or Your Aim in Life" Paragraph or Short composition

My/ Your Aim in Life
Introduction : An aim means a particular goal of life. Success in life depends largely on the right selection of an aim in life. Everyone should choose it wisely and carefully.
Different aims : Men differ in tastes, liking and ability. So different men have different aims. Some want to be engineers, some want to be high officials, some want to be doctors and some want to be social workers. So it is not easy to choose a carrier. At the time of choice a man should consider about his liking and ability.
My aim : I have considered a number of things and decided to be a social worker. Ninety percent of our people live in village. They are illiterate and most of them are poor. So they need help.
Plan to execute my aim: My aim is to help the farmers. I shall start village co-operative societies. I shall arrange for making the farmers acquainted with modern method of cultivation. I shall also set up madrasahs for the children of the farmers. There they will receive technical education as well as general education. Night madrasahs will be opened for the adults. Thus I shall try to remove illiteracy. My chief aim is to do good to the villagers in all possible ways.
Conclusion : An aimless man is like a boat without rudder. So everyone should have an aim. Therefore service to my country and countrymen is the aim of my life. I will bear in mind that an aim is a virtue. It seeks to do well to others.

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