"Discipline" Paragraph or Short Composition

Introduction : Man lives in society. He has to obey certain rules to live there in peace. This obedience to rules is called ‘discipline’. The word discipline comes from a Latin word, ‘disciples’ which means disciple.
Discipline in nature : Discipline is found in nature. The sun, the moon, the planets and the stars maintain discipline.
Discipline in early life : Discipline is of great importance to our life. So it should be learnt from early life. If the children are allowed to do what they like, they will be spoiled. Home is the first institution of a child. So there must be discipline in every family. Every member should obey the head of the family.
Discipline in educational institutions : The institution where a child learns Discipline. So a madrasah should be disciplined. The students should follow their teachers. The teachers should obey the Superintendent.
It’s Importance : Discipline is the key to success in life. A disciplined army, though small in number, wins the battle. No player can prove his worth without discipline. If the citizens of a state do not respect and obey the laws of the land, the administration will collapse.
Conclusion : Want of discipline means chaos. Without it none can prosper. So, we should follow the rules of discipline in every sphere of life.

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